Whether you are an engineer, operations manager or consultant involved in managing a wastewater system, t4 Spatial delivers powerful tools to help you understand what’s happening underground so you can make informed decisions, and be proactive. 

When it comes to managing wastewater infrastructure, we believe there are five key areas that t4 solutions enable your success:

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Filter and Sort PACP Data

t4 Underground helps you prioritize assets for inspection, by filtering and sorting PACP data. Assets can be prioritized for sewer inspection and follow up, maintenance, or rehabilitation based on your knowledge of their criticality and condition ratings. t4 Underground will generate a PACP score for each segment of pipe, based on the PACP inspection data.


Store and View Sewer Inspection Videos

t4 Underground and t4 Vault both give you a secure and searchable archive of your original video and sewer inspection data in the cloud. It's easy to upload, search and view your videos. t4 solutions give you multiple playback speeds and the ability to share access with anyone. Your inspection contractors can upload the sewer inspections directly to t4 Spatial.


Be Proactive

We help you access data and information to predict structural and operational issues before they occur. Knowing how your collection system really works will reveal maintenance and capacity issues before they become maintenance problems. Implementing a proactive program based on information and systematic assessment leads to preventive maintenance decisions, rather than reacting to emergencies, and removes some of the politics and second-guessing from decision-making.


Comply with Environmental Regulations

The USEPA and other water quality regulators often require that wastewater utilities assess the condition of infrastructure, do targeted maintenance and proactively rehabilitate and replace pipelines. t4 Underground can help you document your activities and plan proactively. Analysis is made easier with all of your sewer inspection data on a GIS-based map.     


Anytime Access

Because information is easily accessible, it’s easier to collaborate and plan with t4 Underground. t4 Underground stores your data in the Cloud to enable anytime access. Video inspection contractors can upload data directly to t4 Underground or t4 Vault, giving the project manager instant access.