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t4 Vault Frequently Asked Questions

What are the supported data formats?
The supported data formats for mdb files are: PACP, Granite, GraniteNET, Wincan7, Wincan8, POSM, POSM Lite, ICOM, Cobra, and PipeTech.

How do users upload data to t4Vault?
Users can upload data directly from their Mac or PC Computer

Can media be downloaded from t4Vault onto a local hard disk?

Does each user in an organization need his/her own login?
For security reasons, we recommend that users do not share their individual login info, but rather have separate login accounts

What are your average data transfer speeds for download and upload?
While upload speeds will vary with internet connection broadband size, t4 Vault™ customers do upload from the field using 4G or better wireless access

How do users upload GIS data to the asset catalog?
Connect your t4Vault account to t4Underground for easy access, or click right from your existing GIS

Can users create new assets in the catalog?
For security reasons, only Admin Users can update assets. Please update assets in the GIS and update t4Vault via the .shp file

Can Workplan data be downloaded as a csv?

What does t4 Vault™ cost?
We have simple pricing plans for wastewater collection system Owners & Operators and Partner Programs for service providers. To learn more email Sales@t4spatial.com or call (805) 921-3000 EXT 1

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Simple, Secure, Accessible, Affordable

Store all of your CCTV inspection videos in one place with t4 Vault. No more rummaging through DVDs, Hard Drives or VHS tapes. We provide secure, incorruptible storage [in the cloud] and provide a library that keeps all of your videos, pictures, diagrams and associated assets organized and easy to access. Compatible with any internet enabled device for ease of access, yet you still have complete control over who has permissions to view the data. The videos are optimized for online viewing and sharing. It’s the most effective way to instantly collaborate across departments (engineering, operations, maintenance, contractors and supervisors).

Learn more about how t4 Vault will simplify the process of storing and accessing your data – anytime, from anywhere.