About Us

About Us

t4 Spatial software is a work engine for decision-making

From inception, t4 knew making it easier to access sewer inspection data would make the data more valuable. Pros want to work the data. Pros need to make decisions and move on. It is their responsibility and we knew we could make their job easier to execute. With t4 you can easily store sewer pipeline inspections in the cloud. Access the information you need when and where you need it and share it with any stakeholder at any time from any device. You are already spending valuable resources for sewer CCTV inspections. Let t4 increase the ROI.

Our Customers

Our mission at t4 Spatial is to help you get more value from pipeline inspection data and CCTV video. We can help you visualize your pipeline inspection data on a map – and make the data more accessible, more usable and more valuable to everyone. We offer an easy way to store and index your inspection videos in the cloud, with mobile access, so you can find and access the information you need, when you need it, from any device.

From the makers of t4 Vault™ is a military-grade secure, inspection library. Store and retrieve videos anywhere, any time from any work stationor or mobile device. t4 Vault™ provides variable-speed, video review together with the other specification data you need to have asset inspections at your fingertips.

No more hunting thru hard drives or DVDs or plowing through extraneous, unnecessary info.

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Helping help you get more value from pipeline inspection data and CCTV video