The COVID-19 crisis has been a test for all industries, especially wastewater and municipalities. As the Senate continues to work toward a wastewater infrastructure bill and workloads begin to shift back to “normal,” organizations like t4 Spatial continue to leverage their t4 Vault platform to help municipal wastewater staff work remotely with access to their pipeline inspection data in the cloud. Using t4 Vault, municipal staff simply drag and drop inspection files into the app and the video and reports are available with minutes for review.

“It’s been an incredible year for our company,” says Michael Thompson, Vice President of t4 Spatial. “We were able to step up in an unprecedented time and deliver a cloud-based solution just when municipalities across the country needed it to continue operations.”

Now, as we cross the one year anniversary of the pandemic and workflow gradually eases back to normal, t4 Vault can also aid in managing the backlog of data created throughout this time of uncertainty. t4 Vault allows data historically housed on maps, VHS tapes and flash drives to easily be organized into an entirely cloud-based, mobile experience.

t4 Vault is committed to helping municipalities get back to a sense of normal not only through enhanced workflow processes, but also by supporting continuing education for all municipal wastewater staff. We encourage our clients to stay current on the complex regulations and changing climate of the water and wastewater industry. When you purchase the t4 Vault system now, you can receive up to $500 toward continuing education units through SunCoast Learning. Email or call Mike for details at 412-818-3829.

t4 Vault looks forward to continuing to support the wastewater industry as we all meet the new challenges in this important time in history.

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