One of the great lessons learned by businesses through the events of 2020 is the viability of remote work. In fact, by 2025, it is estimated that 75% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days per month.1 Technology has truly stepped up to meet the challenges faced by businesses during this unprecedented time, however some technology developers were thinking well in advance of the events that forced us into this new normal.

For over 10 years, t4 Spatial has been refining solutions to offer an affordable, cloud-based system and intuitive interface to improve the collaboration of underground infrastructure asset networks. With the development of t4 Spatial’s Vault product, municipalities and their vendors can now easily store and access inspection data from any location.

Improved Workflow
This new level of data visibility streamlines the workflow process by removing hard drives, flash drives, DVDs and other media. Instead, all data is uploaded onto the t4 Vault cloud-based platform for secure storage, instant access and easy search/reporting.

t4 Vault also replaces the use of a multitude of legacy software used to manage assets utilized to maintain service. Cloud sharing for CCTV sewer inspections via t4 Vault interfaces with existing GIS mapping and provides one solution that gives the administrator the ability to manage user permissions. Collaboration with engineers, operations, maintenance, contractors and supervisors takes on greater speed and peace of mind knowing everyone has access to only the information they need to do their piece of the job.

Powerful Search
Once uploaded to the Cloud, data can instantly be retrieved via any number of searches including by contractor, name, PACP codes, pipe names, dates and more. These searches can be accessed from any device via the t4 Vault app.

Improved Operations Through Verification
Through instant access to data, inspection footage can be viewed in real-time. This prevents the need to perform re-inspections due to poor quality. Instead, video quality is verified while the contractor is still at the site.

Download t4 Vault and experience how storing your sewer inspection data in the Cloud can solve your municipal sewer management workflow issues.

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1 Castrillon C. (2020, December 27) Forbes: This is the Future of Remote Work in 2021

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