Building laterals (the segment of sewer lines that run from private property to a sewer main) make up more than 50 percent of the total length of an average sewer system. Overseeing these vast stretches of private pipeline is perhaps the most complex aspect of wastewater management. It is believed that up to 70 percent of infiltration and inflow (I&I) issues in an average sewer system today originate from these private laterals.

To add to the complexity, most property owners do not know what a lateral is, or its function. While a defective lateral may affect the property owners when sewage backs up or the line becomes clogged, hundreds or thousands of failing laterals affect the whole system.

For this reason, an increasing number of communities are working under the EPA’s Clean Water Act consent decree to bring a more progressive approach to eliminating infiltration of aging sewer systems. As these programs continue to grow, so has the need for a streamlined solution for sewer line inspections.

“Having a collaborative solution for inspection data management is key to the success of a lateral connection program,” says Michael Thompson, vice president of t4 Spatial. “Our t4 Vault product offers a data portal for municipalities and water authorities to use as a hub to manage inspection data. It has become an invaluable tool for many organizations taking on the enormous task of lateral rehabilitation and management.”

T4 Vault is a robust cloud solution that automatically organizes, stores and presents sewer inspection data in a shareable format. Users simply drag and drop video files into the t4 app and t4 Vault instantly makes data available with organized and detailed reporting. 

Whether inspections are performed by the municipality or an independent, licensed contractor, they can be uploaded to the portal. Once inspected and uploaded to the t4 Vault data portal, municipalities and water authorities have a baseline on record and are better prepared to assess and strategize a plan for repair. Having a coordinated inspection data management solution allows municipalities to more easily work through the complexities of overseeing the expansive privately-owned lateral connections.

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