The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts serve more than 5.6 million individuals across more than 850 square miles and 78 cities. Beneath the surface of this territory lie approximately 1,400 miles of sewers, 49 pumping plants, and 11 wastewater treatment plants in constant need of surveillance and repair. Many of these structures date back to the inception of the sanitation districts in 1924.

One of the logistic issues for the county was the communication with the sewer design section. This branch of the organization is responsible for the design of sewer repairs and replacements. These designs are carefully based on the footage from the CCTV inspections completed by crews and then stored at a facility more than 45 minutes away from the design section’s offices. This posed a challenge every time the design team needed to prepare a solution, as it would require someone to drive to the main facility to pick up a physical copy of the video footage.

Working off their existing GIS system, the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts partnered with t4 Spatial’s VaultTM to develop a customized, secure cloud CCT storage and sharing solution and reduce in-house storage. With t4 Vault, inspection videos are easy to share instantly with personnel and contractors on any device. This upgrade dramatically enhanced the workflow of Los Angeles County’s design section in particular.

See t4 Vault in action in Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

“t4’s team was willing to work with us on a lot of different enhancement requests over the course of the development of this project,” said John Westergaard of the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. “When we started out, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted – video hosting – but that expanded to an interface that shows an inspection report similar to what you get out of other CCTV software.”

t4 Spatial’s mission is to help increase the value of pipeline inspection data and CCTV video. Making the data more accessible through t4 Vault allows teams to better visualize and map pipeline inspections for more effective operations.

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