t4 Underground

A powerful, innovative and cost-effective pipeline and sewer inspection tool that can help infrastructure managers do more with less.



Make pipeline inspections and videos more accessible, more usable and more valuable to everyone. 

  • Visualize your data on a map
  • Store and index inspection videos for easy searching and sharing


Filter and sort data to make informed decisions.  

  • Generate PACP scores
  • Prove your regulatory compliance


Pipeline inspection data and videos have no value if they aren't used. t4 Underground solves this problem.

  • Know the condition of assets and proactively target maintenance activities
  • Make better financial decisions about where to spend your maintenance and CIP dollars


Improve collaboration and communication across Operations and Engineering teams.

  • Verify the quality and accuracy of  pipeline and sewerinspection data from contractors
  • Quickly access information during an emergency response or on the job site  

How it Works

  • Filter and Sort PACP Data

Prioritize assets for inspection, flushing, other maintenance, or rehabilitation based on criticality and condition ratings or a generated PACP score. 

  • Store and View Pipeline & Sewer Inspection Videos

Upload, search, view or share original video and pipeline inspection data securely in the cloud with multiple playback speeds.

  • Be Proactive

Predict structural and operational issues before they occur.  

  • Comply with Environmental Regulations

Document the condition of infrastructure and targeted maintenance activities to plan proactively.

  • Anytime Access

Safe and secure access to data in the cloud for easy collaboration and planning across departments and contractors.

  • Quality Control on Your Inspection Data

Ensure that your pipeline and sewer inspections are usable.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Whether you are an engineer, an operations manager or a consultant involved in managing a wastewater system, t4 Underground helps you understand what’s happening underground so you can make informed decisions, and be proactive. But don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying:

t4 Underground presents the inspection data in multiple ways so that customers can quickly and accurately locate, track, interpret and share results with other authorized users. It increases the user efficiency and allows them to focus in on problems
— William Kreidler, Vice President, National Power Rodding
Not only is Hickory Hills able to procure a much more targeted program of work, (with t4 Underground) we can also help our contractors deliver their services cheaper and faster by giving them access to the videos online — there’s no more manhandling of DVDs or hard drives.
— Larry Boettcher, Director of Public Works, City of Hickory Hills, as quoted in June 2013 Trenchless Technology Magazine

t4 Underground was recently featured as a success story at CWEA. Learn more