One of the greatest challenges to cities today is the failure of sewer and water pipes. There are approximately 2 million miles of pipe in the US alone. These infrastructures face increasing compromise, however if properly inspected and maintained, we can extend their service life to minimize costs and serve us better. That is why the inspection of underground pipes to identify failure is critical.

NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) was established in 2001 to provide standardization and consistency to the way we evaluate our underground infrastructure. PACP was developed by NASSCO to be a flexible, customizable training program that provides municipalities, consultants, contractors and manufacturers with a standardized method to code defects, assess asset conditions and plan for the rehabilitation or replacement of sewers. Click here for more information about NASSCO and the PACP program.

Standardization through PACP not only makes it more practical to compare the condition of multiple segments within a pipe network, but it also allows the industry to benchmark these conditions to provide a better understanding of the deterioration mechanism effecting underground infrastructure.

Unfortunately, shortage of funds on the local, state and federal levels often push repairs of these underground infrastructures off until disaster strikes – often in the form of sewer system overflows or sinkholes. This makes the PACP all the more important, as it allows municipalities to record benchmark data on all pipe systems, including storm water, dam and levies.

t4 Spatial applauds the important work NASSCO is doing with pipeline assessment. Click here to see how t4 Spatial can be used to catalog, share, and store your inspection data. Users simply drag and drop inspection files and videos into the t4 VaultTM and it is secured in a cloud service that is instantly accessible for those within your working group.

When industry professionals come together to share and gain knowledge, we all win through the shared commitment to set standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure.

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